Synergy Solutions 2004 Archived News

Synergy Solutions expands into Milbank, South Dakota

Phoenix, AZ – January 15, 2004. Synergy Solutions, Inc., a premier provider of outsourced customer contact solutions, recently announced the opening of its newest customer contact center in Milbank, South Dakota. This is Synergy Solutions’ fifth center opened since beginning operations in January 2000, and brings total employees to over 1000.

The Milbank center is a 65-seat state-of-the-art customer contact center, previously occupied by BER in the Milbank Insurance building. Up to 130 employees will be needed for the operation with 65 working a day shift and 65 on the night shift. Former BER employees will be given a preference in the hiring process.

“The Milbank center was chosen from among several other cities for many reasons,” said Lori Fentem, president, Synergy Solutions. “We had worked with the team in Milbank before and had always been impressed with their outstanding performance and quality. The people of Milbank have demonstrated a commitment to ethical Teleservices and we are thrilled to be able to save jobs in this community. In addition, it was a relatively turnkey operation where we could bring in some of our own technology and be up and running quickly. The speed with which we could launch operations in Milbank was critical as we had several clients who wanted us to increase our capacity to provide additional services.”

“This is great news for the community of Milbank and former BER employees,” said Toby Morris, director of business and community development, Department of Tourism and State Development. “It is especially good news when a quality company like Synergy comes into a community following a business closing.”

Lori Fentem, President of Synergy Solutions, was named by B to B Magazine as a “Top 100 Who’s Who” in Business to Business Marketing on July 26, 2004.

Local company president receives industry’s highest honor

Phoenix, AZ – October 1, 2004. At the American Teleservices Association annual convention held recently in Miami, Florida, Lori Fentem, president of Phoenix-based Synergy Solutions, received ATA’s highest honor, the “2004 Fulcrum Award,” for her extraordinary contribution, leadership and dedication to the organization. Before a crowd of over 500 at the annual awards banquet, Fentem was presented the distinguished “Fulcrum Award” because as the award states, “With you as our fulcrum, the ATA has been able to move the world.”

Fentem shared the platform with Joe Sanscrainte of Call Compliance based in Glen Cove, New York, who was only other recipient of the coveted Fulcrum Award.

“I am so honored and grateful to be recognized by our industry’s leaders” commented Fentem. “I owe a lot to the team at Synergy Solutions for allowing me the flexibility and time to devote to the success of the ATA,” she added.

Fentem has been a member of the ATA since 1991and founded the Arizona chapter in 2003. Since then she has served as the chapter’s president and the vice-chair of the chapter president’s committee as well as serving as the chairwoman for the 2004 national convention. Under her leadership, the Arizona chapter has been one of the fastest growing chapters in the country with record attendance at its local quarterly events.

“The volunteerism and support of our award winners has been invaluable to the success of the ATA this year,” said ATA CEO Tim Searcy. “We’re thankful to have such dedicated members, and are happy that we can take this opportunity to give them much-deserved recognition.”

Synergy Solutions was also recognized with the ATA’s Silver Leadership Award at the ceremony in recognition of Synergy’s continued support of the ATA’s mission and active participation in forwarding the ATA’s legal agenda over the past year.

The American Teleservices Association (ATA) represents the call centers, trainers, consultants and equipment suppliers that initiate, facilitate and generate telephone, internet, and email sales, service and support. The ATA provides advanced professional education opportunities, represents members’ interests by advocating on Capitol Hill and in state houses nationwide, , defending the teleservices industry in the public realm and acting as the industry’s information clearinghouse.