The Healthcare industry has seen phenomenal growth and change in recent years, a trend that we can expect to continue into the foreseeable future. As your company attends to the challenges that are presented by this changing environment, make a wise investment in a trusted partner to manage all of your customer contact needs in a comprehensive and integrated way.

Proven Healthcare Expertise

Synergy has gained a reputation as experts in the realm of member and provider interaction solutions thanks to our proven experience in the public and private sector, including:

  • Enrollment, retention, activation, and help desk services
  • Customer support (formulary, provider locator, plan finder, claims, benefits eligibility, etc.)
  • Member outreach (Star Ratings, CAHPS, satisfaction surveys, concierge medical, community health, etc.,)
  • Provider Support, Eligibility and Database Management


Healthcare in the US is undergoing major changes. Do you have the resources and expertise to stay ahead of these changes and remain relevant in the new healthcare landscape? We do. We can leverage our industry experience as well as our creative adaptability to answer today’s challenges and anticipate tomorrow’s changes. We can serve as your primary contact center solution or we can supplement your internal efforts for enrollment cycles, overflow, after-hours support and bi-lingual services.

Compliance and Confidentiality

We understand the critical importance of privacy and compliance and we have a strong working knowledge of the rules and regulations at play in the field of healthcare, including HIPAA and CMS compliance, Stars Ratings, and Service Levels.  We meet, and often exceed, all confidentiality and compliance regulations set forth by health care plans, governing agencies, and industry best practices. Our customer contact representatives are highly trained, closely monitored, and thoroughly coached to ensure that your customers are being well served while your company’s interests are well protected.

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