1. Combining synergy and innovation to create the next generation of customer contact solutions.
  2. Utilizing people, process and technology to provide our clients with uncompromising service & superior performance.

Synovation is our mission and it’s what makes us unique. We combine the power of team with innovation. We hold ourselves accountable to not only perform to client requirements but to work together and innovate to create something special that makes our clients realize the value of their partnership with us. Our success is defined by our ability to continuously create Synovation.

Giving Back

Working together to improve outcomes for our clients and their customers as well as our employees and communities is what Synergy is all about. Our Synovation Teams are comprised of employees who donate their time talents to organize and actively participate in many programs that make the world a better place.

Local Efforts

We support our communities in good times and bad, conducting food drives, building playgrounds, collecting clothing and supplies for those in need, and organizing fundraisers to support members of the community who have faced some of life’s most serious challenges including illness, natural disasters, and other personal tragedies. These efforts reinforce our understanding of the power of collective effort as the driving force behind positive change.

National efforts

Synergy has engaged our employees, leadership, and partners to organize support. Additionally, we have offered significant support to notMYkid.org, an organization dedicated to helping parents and kids face the complex challenges of growing up. Our efforts have contributed to the organization’s success in keeping kids from engaging in destructive behavior such as drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, violence, and suicide.

Call Centers CARE (CCC)

Originated by the Arizona Chapter of PACE (formerly ATA) in conjunction with Synergy Solutions, Call Centers CARE is a philanthropic initiative that gives contact center employees nationwide the opportunity to give back to their communities. Whether it is providing food, shelter, supplies, or services for those in need, Call Centers CARE team members support those less fortunate by offering time, services, and financial support. Learn more about this great organization on the PACE website.