Our highly trained sales agents are focused on helping you grow your business through the use of state of the art technology, innovative sales training techniques and professional and articulate communication of your value proposition to your customers and prospects. Whether your program involves selling to consumers or businesses, we have the experience to drive your results.

We conduct sales programs via inbound and outbound phones, email, and chat in both English and Spanish. We maintain a high level of expertise in all of the regulations that govern call center sales including the FCC TCPA and the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR). We offer dialing solutions that comply with all regulations so that we can offer the optimum balance between efficiency and compliance.

In addition to direct sales campaigns, we have vast experience with upsells and cross-sells as well as sales support functions such as appointment setting and lead generation.

We focus on continuous improvement and measure performance based on a variety of key indicators including Sales per Hour, Contacts per Hour, Conversion, Average Order Value, Upsell % and other metrics that matter for your business.